What is performance?

I had a conversation with a friend about performance. She said that in regards to my wellness/fitness practice, I’m performing acts of kindness towards myself and others. I was struck dumb for a moment because I didn’t think of being kind to myself as an act of performance. It’s always been about the external projection- whether it be on stage or in some other form of artistic expression. Speaking for myself only, I know that performing on stage and being kind to myself don’t have to occupy the same space. As I’m getting older and seeing more clearly, I’m striving for more unification and truth between what’s happening on the inside and outside.

So taking a walk on a nice day, going to the aquarium, Noguchi museum and eating a healthy meal are all acts of kindness that I’m happy to say “That’s performance too!” And those kinds performance will translate well for me, those around me and those that I seek to help.

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